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Roles in OpenForms

Each OpenForms user has a role that determines what they can do. There are five possible roles:

Author - Authors can create and edit forms.

Reporter - Reporters can access and process responses to forms (i.e., form reports). A user can be both an author and a reporter. A reporter typically processes an entire response (i.e.: they are not part of a workflow).

Reviewer - Reviewers can access responses and process steps within that those responses' post-submission workflow. Reviewers typically work in teams on more complex responses.

Admin - Admins have all the same privileges as authors and reporters, and can manage other user accounts (except for those managed by external services like Azure AD). They can also use admin tools like lists, field sets, and integrations (if they’re included in your plan).

Account owner - Account owners have all the same privileges as admins, and they can access account-level settings like plan quotas, billing, and security. They can manage external users and access all workspaces, forms and responses.

What’s my role?

You’ll know what role you have based on your OpenForms experience.

  • If you can’t see form responses, you’re an author.

  • If you can’t create or edit forms, you’re a reporter.

  • If you can create forms and see their responses but can’t access the Admin screen, you’re an author/reporter.

  • If you can access the review centre, you're a reviewer.

  • If you can access the Admin screen but can’t access the Account screen, you’re an admin.

  • If you can do everything including changing your organization's security settings and managing external users, you’re an account owner.

If you want to change your role, contact an admin within your organization. Admins can change the roles of other users at any time. For more information, check out Manage users.

Author resources

Your main task as an author is to build great forms. Here are some places for you to start:

Reporter resources

Your task as a reporter is to process the responses you get to your forms. Get some pointers:

Reviewer resources

Your main task as a reviewer is to process steps in a response workflow. Here's everything you need to know:

Admin resources

Admins can do everything authors and reporters can do and more. You can find most of your admin tasks by going to Admin from the main menu. One of your main tasks is user management, which you can read more about here, but there are lots of others things you can do. Here are just a few:

Account owner resources

Your main task as an account owner is controlling your organization’s OpenForms plan. Here are some things you might want to do as an account owner:

If your organization uses the Azure AD connector to manage users, you'll also be responsible for assigning OpenForms roles to staff members in Azure AD user groups.

For more information, see Manage users.

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