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Use the OpenForms API

Only admins can access the API screen in OpenForms and see the API documentation. If you’re not an admin, you can still use the OpenForms API.

The OpenForms API lets you send requests to OpenForms and get responses about your OpenForms data. You can also use it to integrate OpenForms with another application, so requests can be sent between them.

Here are a few things you can do with it:

  • Get a list of responses to a form

  • Download a response as a PDF

  • Delete responses

  • Get a list of your organization’s published forms

  • Update the elements of a list

To start using the OpenForms API:

  1. From the main menu, go to Admin > Integrations > API.

  2. Copy your API Key.
    You can hit the button to generate a new key at any time.

  3. Select API documentation to open the documentation in a new tab.
    The documentation shows a list of all the calls you can make to the API, as well as their parameters.

  4. Hit Try it out to make an API call.
    Click on a call to see its parameters and the 'Try it out' button.
    Be careful—this isn’t a test screen! If you’re making an API call that changes your data (i.e. anything not marked GET), clicking Try it out will change your live data.

The API is a powerful tool—have fun exploring what you can do with it. From here, you can delve further into our other Developer help topics to learn other advanced OpenForms techniques.

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