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How form versioning affects your forms and settings

Enterprise plan only

If you’re on Enterprise, whenever you want to make changes to a form you need to click Edit in the build page before you can start. This creates a new ‘version’ of the form, which you can either publish right away (replacing the version that’s currently live), or set to be published sometime in the future.

Almost all of your form settings are versioned along with your form. So, if you change your thank you message while working on version 3 of your form, this change will go live at the same time you publish version 3.

But there are some settings that don’t get versioned, which means your change goes live as soon as you change the setting, rather than when you publish that version of your form.

Changes that go live right away

These settings don't get versioned, which means changes to them will go live as soon as you make them, not when you publish the form version you’re working on.

  • Max number of responses / Message to show user when response limit is reached (Settings > Responses > Limit number of responses)
  • Auto reminder email template and settings (Responses > Manage saved responses)
  • Author and Reporter permissions (Settings > Permissions)
  • Deactivation date (set on the Dashboard or while publishing a form)

Settings that you access from the Admin area (like themes and field sets) work a little differently. If you’re swapping between items of the same kind (one theme to another, or one field set to another), the change won’t go live until you publish that form version. But if you’re changing individual settings, the changes will go live right away.

Here’s an example:

If you swap from, say, your Parks & Recreations theme to the Default theme, this change won’t go live until you publish the form version you’re working on. But if you change the primary color within your Parks & Recreations theme, this change will go live right away.

Other things you might want to know

  • The link and embed code for your form never change.

  • When you test your form, we send a link to your chosen email address. This link will work for 30 days, no matter how many versions of your form you create in that time. We’ll always load the most recent version so you’re testing the latest and greatest.

  • When viewing a response that was received for an old version of the form, the data will be in the format of that old version, even if the form fields and sections have changed since then.

For more on form versioning, see Create a form, Test and publish your form, and View or restore an old version of a form.


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