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View form responses

You’ve published your form and the responses are coming in. In this section, you’ll learn how see the details of your responses, and delete responses.

You can only access responses if you’re a reporter or admin.

See response details

To see details about individual responses to your form, go to the Responses screen.

The response details page lists the completed responses by receipt number, alongside the date they were submitted. Any responses that you submitted while you were testing your form will be labeled ‘Test’.

test repoonse.png

You can search for a response, and filter them by date. Choose a response to see its details.


You’ll see the answers that the responder gave to all the questions in your form, as well as the date and time they submitted.

Delete responses

If you’re not already looking at your response details, go to the Responses screen of a form.

Delete a response you don’t need anymore by selecting it to view its details, then choose Delete.

To delete all your responses at once, choose Bulk actions > Delete listed submissions.


What's next

These aren’t the only ways to analyze your responses on OpenForms. If it’s more useful for you, you can download response details as a PDF or a spreadsheet. And don’t forget about automatically deleting the saved responses to your form if they're not being submitted.

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