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View form responses

You’ve published your form and the responses are coming in. In this section, you’ll learn how see the details of your responses, and delete responses.

You can only access responses if you’re a reporter or admin.

See response details

To see details about individual responses to your form, go to the Responses screen.

response screen.png

At the top of the response screen, you'll see the total number of submitted responses for your form, as well as the number of saved responses, which respondents have not yet submitted (if you have enabled this option). 


Below this tally, you'll see a Response list on the left, detailing all submitted responses by receipt number alongside the date they were submitted.

response list.png

Any responses that you submitted while you were testing your form will be labelled ‘Test’.

test repoonse.png

You can search for a response by clicking "Filters". In the popup that appears you can choose to search for content within a response answer, the submission date by date range, the receipt number or also by Workflow step if you have Workflow enabled on your latest published version of the form.

Applying filters on the form Responses screen.PNG

After you've applied any filters in the popup they will appear at the top of the list of responses. You can click the "X" icon on any particular filter to remove it, or open the popup to adjust and apply different filters.

Choose a response from the list to see its details.


You’ll see the answers that the respondent gave to all the questions in your form, as well as metadata such as the date and time they submitted. 

You can also review any custom documents that have been generated from the response by expanding the Form documents accordion. 

form documents accordion.gif

Workflow for form responses

If you're on an Enterprise plan and using a response workflow, you'll also see:

  • The response's current progress through the workflow
  • Any office use only groups used in the form (including reviewers answers if those groups have been actioned)


Resubmitted responses

OpenForms will only display the latest submission data of a response that has been re-submitted via Workflow. The response export, Response PDF file and any generated Custom Documents are also rendered using the latest submission response data.

If there was a successful payment associated with the response and the payment amount changed in the latest submission the new payment amount will be recorded and displayed together with the original payment details.

Download and export responses

To learn more about downloading and exporting responses, see Export response data

Delete responses

From time to time you may want to delete responses to free up your organization's storage quota.
Before deleting any responses it's always a good idea to export your response data first.To do this, go to the Responses screen of a form, then delete either an individual response or a group of responses.

Delete an individual response


Delete an individual response by selecting it from the response list, then selecting Delete. 

Delete multiple responses

To delete multiple responses, filter the responses you'd like to purge using the search options in the response list.

multiple responses.png

(If you're deleting all the responses for your form, you can skip this step).

Then choose Bulk actions > Delete responses

delete 2 responses.png

This command will reflect the number of responses you will delete. (In the example above, two responses will be deleted).

What's next

These aren’t the only ways to analyze your responses on OpenForms. If it’s more useful for you, you can download response details as a PDF or a spreadsheet. And don’t forget about automatically deleting the saved responses to your form if they're not being submitted.

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