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Track usage quotas

Your organization's OpenForms account has the following usage quotas:

  • Published forms
  • Form responses
  • Storage
  • Users

These quotas depend on your organization's plan and your add-ons.

What happens if you exceed a quota 

Once a quota is reached, that feature will be disabled,

  • Exceeding your form quota with prevent your organization publishing more forms. 
  • Exceeding your data quota will prevent your organization from receiving additional responses, uploading new custom document templates, or generating new custom documents. 
  • Exceeding your response quota will prevent your organization from receiving additional responses.
  • Exceeding your user quota will disable editing and publishing actions for all users. This means that:
  • Reviewers still have full access to the review center.
  • Form authors can still view forms, download and export responses, but not create, edit, or publish forms.
  • Responses can still be accessed via the API.
  • Admins can view all admin area settings, and deactivate users, but not create or edit settings or users.
  • Account owners can use the Azure AD connector to assign or de-assign Azure AD user groups. 

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can always deactivate users, disable forms, or delete responses to get back under a quota.

Quotas at a glance

Anyone in your organization can see how it's tracking against plan quotas by viewing the usage banner in the Forms area. 


This banner details your organization's current plan, published forms, monthly responses and storage use.

These statistics are updated every 30 seconds, and are useful for planning the creation or publication of new forms which may push your organization over a usage quota.

Deleting a form or a response will immediately update the usage banner so you can see the effect of clearing space.

If your organization is approaching, or exceeds, one of its quotas, we'll prompt you to request a plan upgrade. Once we receive an upgrade request, we'll contact the account owner to discuss your options. 

Detailed quota information 

If you're an account owner, you can view a more detailed breakdown of quota usage in the Account menu. 

To keep on top of how you’re tracking:

  1. Go to Account menu > Account.

  2. Select the Plan panel.

  3. You can see your stats for various quotas in the How you’re tracking panel.

    Plan Details.png

Select More details (or Go to User listing for the User quota) for more information on any of these stats.

Published forms

The Published forms screen compares your total number of published forms with your plan's limit (if it has one). 

published forms.png 

Below this overview, you'll see a list of all your published forms, ordered by name. Search for a particular form using the search bar, or select a form from the list to go to its Responses screen for a closer look. 

Form responses

The Form responses screen displays how many responses you've received in the last month, compared to your monthly response quota (if your plan has one). 
Your response limit resets at the beginning of every month.

The graph on this screen shows how responses have come in day by day.


Select any point on the graph to see the number of responses received for that that date.

Storage usage

The Storage used screen compares how much of your storage you've used against how much you have available in your plan.

The graph at the top of this screen shows your recent storage use and how close you are to your plan limit.


Select any point on the graph to see your storage use for that date.

Under the graph, you'll see a list of all your forms, ordered by which is using the most storage for responses. Use the search bar to find specific forms, or select a form in the list to go to its Responses screen for a closer look. 


Select Go to User listing in the Accounts > Plan page to go directly to your organization's user list

Email notifications 

In addition to prompts in OpenForms itself when your organization nears or exceeds any of its quotas, account owners are automatically sent email notifications when your organization reaches a form or storage limit. 

Other users can opt into these email notifications by going to their Profile and checking the appropriate notification checkboxes. 


Admins can subscribe other users to these notifications by accessing their profiles in the Admin > Users area 

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