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Manage users

Only admins can manage user details.

If you use OpenForms with OpenCities or SeamlessCMS, there are differences in how you manage users. You can use OpenForms to manage users who only have access to OpenForms, but you can't manage users who access OpenForms through OpenCities or SeamlessCMS. These users are indicated by a synced user label.


These synced users can only be managed in OpenCities or SeamlessCMS. Go to
the OpenCities help center or the SeamlessCMS help center for more information.

Each user has a role that determines what they can do on OpenForms. To learn more about roles, check out About authors, reporters, admins and account owners.

If you’re an admin, you can manage the accounts of all the users in your organization by going to Admin > Users from the main menu.

Add a user

Business and Enterprise plans

Check out Add users for help with this. 

Change a user’s role

  1. Find the right user and check the boxes for the roles you want them to have. If you choose Admin, the other roles will be automatically selected, because admins have the same privileges as authors and reporters.

  2. Save your changes.

Edit a user’s details

  1. Find the right user, open the '...' menu, and choose Edit.

  2. Change the user’s First Name, Last Name, Email, or notification settings.

  3. If you want, change the user’s role by checking the boxes.

  4. Save your changes.

Deactivate a user

If you disable a user, their account will be deactivated. You or another admin can reactivate it whenever you want.

  1. Find the right user, open the '...' menu, and choose Deactivate.

  2. In the popup window, choose Deactivate user to confirm.

See a list of the users you’ve disabled under Deactivated users. To restore an account that’s been disabled, select Reactivate, review their user details, and confirm your choice with the Reactivate user button. They’ll be sent an email with a link for them to set a new password.

Make another user the account owner

If you’re the account owner for your organization, you can transfer your account ownership to a different user. Once they’ve accepted, they’ll take over your account owner responsibilities, and you’ll become an admin.

  1. Find the user you want to transfer ownership to, open the '...' menu, and choose Make owner.

    make owner.png
  2. In the popup window, choose Swap ownership to confirm.

We’ll send an email to the prospective owner with a link for them to accept ownership. They’ll have 3 days to accept - if they don’t, things will go back to normal, and you’ll stay the account owner.

We’ll also send you an email with a link to cancel the ownership request if you change your mind within 3 days. To cancel the request, find the prospective owner in Admin > Users and select Cancel ownership request.

When your users have the best roles for their needs, it’ll be easier for you to control how your forms are managed. If you want, you can even give individual users access to specific forms to make sure you’ve got the right people working on the right stuff.

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