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Change your user details

At the top right of any OpenForms screen, you'll see a round icon containing your initials, select this to access the Account dropdown menu. Choose Profile to change your name, email, notification settings, or password.
If your OpenForms account is managed through Azure AD or OpenCities, talk to your IT team to update your details or password.  

Change your name and email

Enter your First name, Last name, and Email in the relevant fields, then Save.

When you Save a new email address, we’ll send you a verification email. You have 3 days to verify your address by following the instructions in the email. If you wait longer, you’ll have to add your address to the Profile page again.

Email address.png

If you don’t receive the email or something goes wrong, come back to the Profile page and click Send verification email again. Once you’ve been verified, you’ll see a Verified tick below your address.

If you're an OpenCities user, you can't change your details in OpenForms. You'll have to go to OpenCities to do this. Visit the OpenCities help center to learn more

Change your notification settings

We automatically send you emails to let you know when you’ve reached your storage and response limits. You can turn these emails off under Receive an email when... by unchecking the checkboxes and clicking Save.

If you’ve reached your storage and response limits, you should think about upgrading your plan to get more out of your OpenForms experience.

Change your password

Press Change password at the bottom of the page. You’ll be taken to another page.

Enter your Old password, then choose a New password and enter it again in the Confirm new password field to double-check it. Your new password must be 7 characters or more.

Select Change password to make the change. Your new password will come into effect immediately.

Remember to Save your details when you’re done.

If you’re an admin needing to manage other user accounts in your organization, check out Manage users. Not sure if you’re an admin? See About authors, reporters, admins and account owners.

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