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View plan payments

Pro, Business and Enterprise plans

Only account owners can view plan payments.

To see a full list of your paid, unpaid and outstanding invoices

  1. Go to the Account menu and choose Account.
    user menu.png
  2. Select Payments.
    payments 2.png

This will show you a list of all of your OpenForms invoices.


Your invoices are sorted by date, with the most recent at the top.

Each invoice is shown with its unique Invoice number, the Date issued, the Amount and Status.

An invoice Status can be Paid, Unpaid or Outstanding. Outstanding means we’ve tried to initiate a direct debit payment, but it hasn’t worked.

See the full details of an invoice by selecting its Invoice number, or download a PDF version by clicking the download icon.

To view invoices issued before 28 June, 2018, go to Account menu > Previous Bills

Invoice details

When you click an Invoice number, you’ll see the details of the invoice.

The details start with the invoice number and status - Paid, Unpaid or Outstanding. Outstanding means we tried to initiate a direct debit payment but something went wrong. Make sure you have enough funds in your bank account, and your card details are correct. We’ll try charging your card again on the date shown next to your invoice status.

Below the number and status are the date of issue, the service period covered and your purchase order (if applicable). You'll also see your plan name and any discounts. 

invoice top 2.png

The body of the invoice breaks down your costs. Your total cost includes the cost of your subscription, any add-ons, any discounts or credit, and GST. If you have an Enterprise plan, instead of a subscription cost you’ll see a list of forms included in the invoice, and the cost of each form. Click the Expand details to see a full list of Forms or Add-ons.

invoice bottom.png

Select Download PDF at the top of the page to save a PDF version of your invoice details, or click Back to return to the Payments page.

Make a payment

We use a direct debit system to process most plan payments. This means your card will be automatically charged on the due date of an invoice. Please make sure you have the necessary funds available in your account on the due date.

If there’s a problem processing your payment - for example, you don’t have enough money in your account - we’ll change your invoice status to Outstanding and try again at a later date. You can see the postponed date for an invoice by going to the Payments page and clicking its Invoice number.

Manual payments for Enterprise plans

Enterprise plans offer you the option to make payments manually. You can change this by updating your billing details. If you’ve opted for manual payments, you need to pay the full amount of an invoice by the due date.

To make a manual payment:

  1. Go to Account menuAccount > Payments and find the invoice you want to pay.

  2. Download the PDF version of your invoice by selecting the download icon, or select the Invoice number to see the invoice details, then choose Download PDF
  3. At the bottom of the PDF, you’ll find the due date and the details of the account you need to make the payment to. Please transfer the full amount of your invoice to this account by the due date.

Need a purchase order number for your invoice? You'll also find the option to add or update this in the invoice details screen. 

It might take a few days for your invoice status to change from Unpaid to Paid. Thanks for your patience - rest assured we’re processing your payment.

For help with updating your billing details, check out Billing and organization details. You might also want to Change your plan or add-ons to get more out of OpenForms.

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