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Schedule email snapshots of response stats

Only admins can schedule email reports. If you’re a reporter, you can still export your response data and email it to people manually.

Send out email reports about responses once a week or once a month to the people who need it. They’ll get statistics about the number of completed responses, the number of saved responses, and the average time taken to complete a form.

To schedule an email report:

  1. From the main menu, go to Admin > Email snapshots

  2. Choose Set up a snapshot to set up a new report, or choose an existing report to edit it.

  3. Name your report in the field at the top.

  4. Add the email addresses of the people you want to report to. Separate them using commas.

  5. Add a subject that explains what the email’s about.

  6. Schedule the email for once a month or once a week. If it’s weekly, choose the day of the week you want it sent on.

  7. Choose the forms you want to include statistics about.

  8. Create your report.

Your first email report will be sent either at the beginning of the next month or on the next nominated day of the week that occurs.

Once you’re keeping up with the responses that are coming into your forms, managing them should become more routine. Explore our help topics to learn how to view completed responses, how to set up saved responses and how form responses are tallied.

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