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Set up saved responses

Business and Enterprise plans

Set up saved responses to let your responders save their response to a form and come back to it later. Saved responses are useful if you have a long or complicated form - they give responders the flexibility to fill it out in stages.

Once you’ve turned on saved responses, you can choose how long to keep them, and schedule automatic reminders for responders to come back and submit.

You won’t be able to see the answers someone’s given until they submit their saved response.

Turn on saved responses for a form

  1. Go to Forms and open a form. 

  2. Go to Settings > General settings > Do you want to allow people to save their progress on this form?

  3. Check the Yes, allow save progress box.

If you want to turn on saved responses for all your forms, you’ll have to set up each one individually.

Choose how long to keep saved responses

Once you’ve turned on saved responses, find the dropdown menu under How long do you want to keep saved responses for?. Choose a length of time. OpenForms will delete saved responses after they’ve been left for that period.


When you’re finished setting up saved responses, remember to Save your form.

Once your form’s started getting some traffic, head over to the Responses tab to Manage saved responses.

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