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Export response data

From time to time you may want to download individual responses, or groups of responses. This might be to archive responses prior to deletion in order to manage your organization's storage quotas. Or you may want to analyse a large quantity of response data as a spreadsheet.

Download individual responses

To download an individual response:

  1. Go to your form > Responses.

    responses screen.png
  2. Search for the response you’re looking for using the available filters in the list of responses.

    specific response.png
  3. Select Download

  4. Choose Default response PDF to download a PDF summary of the response
    You can configure what’s included in this PDF. See Set up the response PDF for more information

  5. Alternatively, if you’d like to package any files the respondent has uploaded with their submission or any custom documents generated from the response, alongside the default response PDF, choose Advanced export.

    advanced export.png
    And select which items you’d like to package with your download.

    If you’ve included respondent and reviewer uploads in your advanced export, we’ll let you know when you begin your export if any of these are still pending a virus scan. Reviewer uploads are only available if your organization is using office use only groups

Export multiple responses

To export multiple responses as an excel or CSV file:

  1. Go to your form > Responses

    responses screen.png
  2. Search for the responses you’re looking for using the available filters in the response list

    multiple responses.png
    If you’d like to export all of the responses for a particular form, skip this step
  3. Select Bulk Actions

    Bulk actions.png
  4. Select Export Responses

    export 2 responses.png
    This option will reflect the number of responses you will be exporting
  5. Choose whether to download the response data as a Microsoft Excel or CSV file

  6. When exporting responses as an excel spreadsheet, you can package additional files such as files uploaded by respondents and reviewers, custom documents and response PDFs 


    These will be included in separate folders in your ZIP file. Respondent and reviewer uploads will be linked in your Excel spreadsheet so you can easily find them when analyzing response data

    Custom documents will be exported to their own folders in your package sorted by response number
    If you’ve included respondent and reviewer uploads in your bulk export, we’ll let you know when you begin your export if any of these are still pending a virus scan. Reviewer uploads are only available with office use only groups
  7. Select Begin export
    Bulk exports are limited to 1GB per export. We'll check the size of your export when it begins processing and let you know if you need to select fewer responses to proceed.

OpenForms will prepare your files in the background as you continue working. We'll inform you when they’re ready to download from the exports area. 

The exports area

Bulk exports that are processing or ready to download are displayed in the Exports area. This is available from the main menu at the top of the screen. 




This menu item also lists the number of exports that are ready to download for the first time. 




Entering the exports screen lists all of the bulk exports that you have queued, that are ready to to download, or that have failed exporting. 




Select Download or Download again to download any export that is marked ready.




Once an export is ready to download, it will remain in this list for seven days. After seven days it will be removed. 

Failed exports 


Failed exports are listed in the export area for seven days, unless you retry them. 




If an export repeatedly fails, contact support.

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