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Track response and storage limits

You can only track response and storage limits if you’re an account owner.

Your OpenForms account comes with a storage limit and a monthly form response limit. These limits depend on your plan and your add-ons - if you upgrade, you’ll have more.

We’ll notify you whenever you’re about to hit your limit, so you never have to worry about using too much.

To keep on top of how you’re tracking:

  1. Go to Account menu > Account.

  2.  Select the Plan panel.

  3. You can see your stats for and Form responses in the How you’re tracking panel. Choose more details to get a closer look at either one.tracking.png

Storage usage

Your Storage usage compares how much you’ve used with how much you have available. The graph at the bottom shows how much you’ve used over time, and how close you are to your limit.

To see which forms are taking up the most storage, select Storage > More details, then select View storage used by forms.

View storage used by forms.png

This will display a list of your forms ordered by which is using the most storage for responses. Use the search bar to find specific forms, or select a form in the list to go to its Responses screen for a closer look. 

form storage details.png

Responses for the month

Your Responses for the month show how many you’ve received in total and the average number you receive per day. The graph at the bottom shows your responses day by day, and how close you are to your limit.


Your response limit resets at the beginning of every month.

If you want more storage or responses, upgrade your plan or get some add-ons.

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