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Test and publish your form

Once you’ve finished setting up your form, it’s time to publish it. It’s smart to preview your form before you publish it so you know that everything works.

Test your form

Open the form you want to preview from Forms. Select Save and preview to open a preview version of your published form in a new tab.


Your preview form works just like your published form will. Submit a response to see how it works.

You can also send your form to other people for testing. Go to the Settings screen and choose Testing. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to test the form, then hit Send. They’ll be sent a link to the preview version of the form, which works like a published version but isn't publicly available.

If you want to test a form with a payment field, check with your payment gateway provider for test card details.

See details about all your test responses on the Report screen - they're labeled ‘Test’.

test repoonse.png

Are you on the Enterprise pay-per-response plan? We won't charge you for any test responses. Your forms will only start incurring pay-per-response costs once you publish them. Visit Which of my forms incur a pay-per-response cost? for more info about your plan.

If your form’s not quite right, go back to the Build screen to keep editing it. You can preview it as many times as you need.

When you’re happy with how it’s working, you’re ready to publish.

Publish your form

On the Build screen, select Publish.


Enterprise plans - When you publish you can add a note explaining what changes you made and why, or schedule publishing for later. Visit Create a form to learn more.

Congratulations, your form is now live! Access it through Forms by choosing See published form.


Let’s get those responses coming in. You can share your form with whoever you want, get a printable version of it, or embed it in your site.

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