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Which of my forms incur a pay-per-response cost?

Enterprise pay-per-response plan

If you’re on the Enterprise pay-per-response plan, any form that has Smart Logic, a payment field, a calculation field, or a data connection will be charged per response.

You'll only be charged for responses submitted after the form has been published. If your form's in draft mode, you can submit as many test responses as you like free of charge. Read more about testing and publishing forms

There are a few ways to track the forms that are being charged:

  • In the Forms screen, you can see at a glance which forms use these features. form fields.png
    From left to right, the icons indicate that the form has a payment field, Smart Logic, a calculation field, and a data connection.
  • In Connectors > Data connections, you can go into each data connection and see which forms use it.
    Data connections.png
  • In the Account > Plan panel, you can see a running total of your pay-per-response costs for the current billing cycle.
     costs 2.png
  • In the Account > Payments page, you can view previous invoices to see which forms have incurred costs in the past.
    Visit View plan payments for more info.

If you have more questions about payments, billing, or your account, check out these help topics:

If you have a problem that's specific to your account, please contact your account manager.

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