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Change your form's layout

To make your forms easier to follow, you can collect fields together into sections and groups. You can also choose how many sections or fields are shown to a respondent at a time.  


Sections are a way of breaking your forms up into pages, so that respondents will only see so much of a form at once. (Though you can optionally show an entire form on one page).

Use sections to break your forms into large chunks that cover particular aspects of a form.

(For example, a respondent’s details, then the specific information the form is collecting).  

If you setup your form to show one section per page, you can also use sections to gate whether a respondent should be able to complete their submission or not. Your form will always contain at least one section. When you create a form this will already be present.


Groups are another way of collecting fields together in smaller chunks within a section of your form.

These come in two types - standard and repeatable groups - which you can read more about in our dedicated topic on groups.

You might have multiple groups on a single page, they’re a great way of making your forms easier to understand for form authors and respondents alike. 

Page options

By default, your form is laid out so it shows one section per page. This helps to break up the information in your form so it's easier for respondents to understand.

With this option selected, respondents will have to click Continue when they reach the end of each section to progress to the next part of the form.

You can change your form’s layout so it shows one field per page, or everything on one page.

Open a form from Forms and go to Settings > Display settings > Choose form layout. Choose Section per page, Field per page, or All on one page.

If you choose Section per page or Field per page you can choose to show or hide a progress bar on your form.



Depending on how you've set up your form, you may not be able to choose Field per page or All on one page in your form's layout settings. 

Field per page

The field per page option is disabled if your form contains:

All on one page

You can't display your entire form on one page if it contains:

What's next?

If you’re looking for other ways to organize your form, see:

You can also read create a form if you just want to know how to reorder your form’s fields.

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