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Create a theme for your form

Once you’ve created a form you can make your own theme for it. Stamp your brand on it with a logo and customized fonts and colors, or even create an entire custom CSS styling.

To create a theme as an admin, go to Admin > Themes from the main menu. On this screen, you can see all your existing themes and whether they’re in use on any forms.

Design your theme

Only admins can design new themes. If you’re not an admin, you can still change the theme of a form to an existing theme.

On the Themes page, choose Create theme to start from scratch. Follow these steps to design your theme:

  1. Name your theme at the top of the page.

  2. Give it a Theme description to explain what kinds of forms you want to use this theme on; like ‘Use this theme for fun forms only’. This is particularly important if you have other users managing your forms.

  3. Set your theme’s Primary color and Secondary color by either typing Hex codes into the text boxes, or choosing them from the pop-up color pickers.
    Make sure you use accessible colors on your theme so everybody can use your form. Check if your colors are accessible here: http://accessible-colors.com/

  4. (Pro, Business and Enterprise plans)
    If you want, upload a file to use as your logo.
    Use a logo with a minimum size of 80x80 px for the best results.

  5. Choose where to display error messages on your form from the Error message display position menu.

  6. (Pro, Business and Enterprise plans)
    If you want, add some code to the Custom CSS styling field. This field is useful for developers, but you don’t need it if you’re just making a simple theme.

  7. Save your changes.

Add your theme to a form

  1. From the main menu, go to Forms > any form > Settings > Display settings > Choose form theme.

  2. Choose a theme for the form.

  3. Save the form.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have a way to add a new theme to multiple forms at once.

Update themes 

You can update themes at any time by returning to the Edit Theme screen. To do this, 

  1.  Go to Admin > Themes
  2. Choose the theme you'd like to edit, and select Edit  from its '...' menu. 

In the edit screen, you'll also be able to see how many forms the theme is applied to.

in use.png

What's next

Now your forms will look exactly the way you want. If you want to customize the text in your buttons and labels, check out Choose button and label text.


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