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Stop form submissions if respondent answers meet particular criteria

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By using the stop form submission smart logic option, you can prevent respondents from saving or submitting invalid forms, based on their previous answers.

Use this to cut down on respondent frustration and save your organization time spent dealing with invalid responses.

This feature supersedes submission logic, which can currently be used to reject unwanted form responses. Submission logic will soon be phased out in favor of this more transparent method. 

Set up stop logic

  1. Make sure your form's layout is set to Section per page. This is the default layout for OpenForms, so most forms will already be laid out this way, but if you need to change this setting, go to your form > Settings > Display Settings > Choose form layout > Section per page.

  2. Add a question to your form that indicates whether a respondent should proceed.
    For example, a pet registration form might ask if a respondent's pets are microchipped. 

  3. Add a section field to your form after the question. 

  4. Hover over the field and select the gear icon.

  5. Open Display logic.

  6. Choose Display logic > Show

  7. Select Add scenario to build a rule that defines when you want to stop a respondent from progressing further.
    In the pet registration example above, you might want to prevent people registering animals that aren't microchipped.

    section settings.png
  8. Select Stop form submission.
  9. section settings w slider.png
  10. Save your form.

Don’t forget to add a content field to your section explaining why you’ve stopped the respondent progressing. It’s best practice to suggest a better suited form, or a link to further information.

In our pet registration example, this would be a link to a microchipping application or relevant local provisions. 



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