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Setting defaults for your new forms

Organization Defaults allows you to configure default values for many form settings. These settings will be used by any new form that authors create, but can still be edited on those forms if needed.

Only admins can edit Organization Defaults. If you’re not an admin you can still change these settings for individual forms.

To get started:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Select Organization defaults

The default settings are divided into multiple pages, read on for the full list of fields you can configure.

General Settings

  • How long to keep saved responses
  • Hide from external search engines
  • Language


Response settings

Email identity

  • Auto respond from email address
  • Name to display on emails sent on your organization's behalf

Get notified by email about responses

  • Email subject
  • Email body
  • Add attachments

After respondent submits response

  • Success message

Send respondent confirmation email

  • Email subject
  • Email body
  • Add attachments

The Response settings provide WYSIWYG text editors for you to create and style post-submission emails. You can write these emails using text only, however, your Authors must still use HTML if they want to edit emails for individual forms.Display settings

  • Form theme
  • Form layout
  • Show progress bar
  • Show form header


Buttons, text & messages

Changes to these settings will be immediately applied to all forms.

You can change the default button and label text so that it’s consistent on all your forms, and you don’t have to go through and change them on each individual form.

If you’ve given an individual form its own unique button and label text, those will still display instead of the organization defaults. However, changing and saving the Buttons, text & messages defaults again will replace any edits on individual forms with the new defaults.

Response PDF settings

Form information

  • Include content fields
  • Include field descriptions
  • Include blank fields
  • Include fields hidden by SmartLogic

Response workflow

  • Include workflow history timeline
  • Include office use only fields
  • Include comments to respondents
  • Include internal comments


  • Include document page numbers
  • Include form logo
  • Include form title

Header & footer

  • Header & footer text


Print settings

  • Header & footer text
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