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Create a form

Start interacting with your customers by creating a form.

  1. From My forms, select Create form.

  2. Enter a name for your form and select Create.
    You’ll be taken to the Build screen. This is where you add fields to your form. You choose fields based on the type of response you want from your users—do you want them to enter some text or pick an option? Select a date or upload a file? Check out the list of fields for a full rundown.

  3. You’ll notice we’ve automatically added a section to your form already. Enter a name for the section.
  4. Drag a field from the left toolbar and drop it into the Add field area of your form.

Once you’ve added a field, you can hover over it for more options (these will vary depending on the field).

Hand icon.

Move the field up or down the form

Gear icon.

Access settings for the field

Icon showing two panes.

Duplicate the field

Trash icon.

Delete the field

Once you’re finished, hover over the buttons on the bottom right to Save, Preview, Publish or Archive your form.

The red button is archive, the purple button is publish, the blue button is save and preview, and the green button is save.


Choosing Save will save your form without publishing it. Come back to it whenever you want to make changes and publish.

Save and preview

Choosing Save and preview will open a preview version of your form that you can use to test what you’ve made. Go to Test and publish your form for the details.


The Publish button makes your form go live. After you've published it, you can share it and start getting responses. But before you publish, you might want to test that everything’s working properly - visit this page for more on testing and publishing.


Archive your form if it’s not useful to you anymore. It’ll be rolled back to a draft version and kept under My archived forms. For more on getting rid of forms, visit Archive or delete a form.

What next?

Use Smart Logic to show or hide parts of your form based on what’s come previously, so users only see what they need to see.

Customize your form by adding a form description, changing the look and feel, choosing what happens with responses and more.

Once it’s published, see how your form is performing - view the responses you’ve received, and get insight into submission numbers and times.

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