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View, restore, or copy an old version of a form

Enterprise plan

Whenever you update a form on an Enterprise plan, you create a new version of it. Every old version is saved so you can go back to it later.

You can reuse old form versions in a number of ways. You can View them, of course, but also Restore old forms to drafts, or Copy them to create new forms.

View old versions of forms

To see the entire version history of a form, open the form and go to its History tab.

If you added a note about your changes when you published a version, you’ll see it on this screen.

history (1).png

Preview an old version of your form by clicking the version number or selecting View from the ‘...’ menu.


Restore old versions of forms to drafts

To restore an old version to draft so you can edit and re-publish it, select Restore to draft from the ‘...’ menu. If you have an existing draft version, we

’ll replace it with the copy of the version you’re restoring.


Go back to the Build or Settings tab if you want to make changes, then Save or Publish the form as usual.

Copy old versions of forms as new forms

If you don’t want to override the current version of your form, but still want to use an old version as the basis for a different form, select Copy to new form from the ‘...’ menu.


This will prompt you to give your new form a name, and put it in a workspace.

copy 4.png

The new form will have all the same settings as the version you copied it from, except for scheduling settings like publication and deactivation dates.

What's next?

Use workspaces to organize your forms.

Set a future deactivation date for the form.

Set up saved responses so people can save halfway through their response.


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