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Archive, deactivate or delete a form

If your organization's plan has a published form quota, it's a good idea to get rid of old forms from time to time by archiving, deactivating, or just deleting them for good. We recommend archiving or deactivating because you can always get it back later.
Archiving or deactivating forms does not impact your plan's storage quota, as we retain the responses submitted to archived and deactivated forms as well as any custom documents generated from those responses.

Archive it 

All plans 

Archive a form directly from Forms by choosing Archive from its '...' menu.


Pro, Business and Enterprise plans
Archived forms are included in your storage limit. If you're running out of storage space, delete forms instead of archiving them to free up space. Its responses will also be deleted, so you might want to export them firstRead more about tracking your storage limit

Find all your archived forms by visiting Archived forms from the main menu. For more about what you can do with archived forms, visit View archived forms.

Deactivate it 

Enterprise plans  

When you publish a form, you'll be given the opportunity to set a deactivation date after it goes live.

deactivate publish.png

If you want set a deactivation date while you're still a editing form, you can do that too, in the form's General Settings area.

deactivate settings.png

If you have already published a form, but you'd like to change its deactivation date, or deactivate it immediately, you can do this from the form History tab. Open your form and navigate to the 'History' tab, then choose Edit deactivation schedule or Deactivate now. 


Forms will automatically be deactivated on the date and time you choose. After this time, you'll still see the form in Forms, but anyone who visits the live form will see a message that the form has been removed.

Visit Choose button and label text to find out how to change the content of this message.

Delete it

All plans

Are you really sure you want to delete your form? Once you delete it you can’t get any of it back, including its responses. Archiving is a great way to get rid of a form without wiping it out completely.

Before you delete your form, you might want to export its responses so you don’t lose them. Once you’re prepared to say goodbye to your form, go to Forms. Choose Delete from the form's '...' menu. You'll be asked to confirm your action.


Your form has now been completely removed from OpenForms.

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