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Get notified when you receive form responses

OpenForms can notify you whenever someone submits a response to your form. To set this up:

  1. Open a form from Forms and go to Settings Responses.
  2. Add an email address under Use this address to send emails to form users.
    Check out Change the email address used to notify people about responses for more information about this area.
  3. Open Get notified by email about responses.
  4. Enter an email address for OpenForms to send notification emails to.
    Enter more than one address, separated by commas, and we’ll send notifications to all of them. You can have up to 5 addresses.

  5. Enter a subject and body for the email. Use answer piping to insert additional information about the response into your notification.

  6. Choose if you want to attach a default response PDF summarising the submission or any custom documents generated from the response data.
    To change the content and design of the default response PDF see Set up response PDFs.

  7. Choose if you want to attach any files that the responder uploaded.
    Emails have a size limit of 40MB, which is made up of the email plus any attached files. The size of the file can increase in email conversion process. We recommend keeping files under 25MB to help ensure they come through as attachments. If you'd like to receive large files, use answer piping to insert your form's file upload field into the email body. This will appear as a link to the file in your response notification.

  8. Save your form when you’re done.

Not sure where to go to find all the responses to your forms? See the rest of our Analyze help topics for some tips.

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