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Keep track of your digital transformation with the Insights page

Select Insights in the dashboard to view stats on all your organization’s forms. 

insights s.png

The Insights module tracks responses independently of the forms you currently have saved. Even if you clear out old responses from time to time, this page will still be accurate.

Set a date range 

Use the Date range drop-down to set the period covered by the Insights page. By default this is "All time" to give you an overview of the impact of your organization’s digital transformation since starting with OpenForms. Use this Date range drop-down to set any range, including custom values.

View total responses and payments


At the top of this screen are total figures for form responses and, if you’re accepting payments via forms, the total amount transacted for the date range you’ve chosen.

(Payment options are available on Pro, Business and Enterprise plans). 

Check how responses are tallied for more information on what's counted as a response.

View form responses and savings

per form.png

Below the total response and transaction figures is a list of all your organization’s forms. 

These are filtered by

  • Name

  • Number of responses

  • Average response time saved per form

  • Average organization time saved per form

  • The money each form has saved your organization

Select any of these headings to rank your forms by these criteria. You can also see the totals for time and money saved at the top of the form list. 

Select any form to open it.

Only users with permission to view or edit a form can open it. 

Set up savings 

Time and money savings are based on your inputs in each form’s ‘...’ menu. Select this and choose Edit savings to add:

  • The minutes saved by respondents, compared to offline interactions

  • The minutes saved by your staff, compared to serving offline interactions 

  • The dollars saved by your organization, based on staff time saved

edit savs.png

Edit these figures based on your offline interaction costs to get an estimate of the time and money you’ve saved across your chosen date range. If you make major changes to a form, consider updating savings figures when it goes online. Use the Edit next form's savings checkbox to start using your new figures the next time your form gets a response.

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