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Change the email address used to notify people about responses

Before you can send your responders confirmation emails or reminder emails, you need to add an email address to use as the sending address. You also need this if you want to get notified when you receive form responses.

To add or change this email address, open a form from Forms and go to Settings > Responses. Under Use this address to send emails to form users, enter your email address, and the name you want people to see when they get an OpenForms email from you. This can be your company name if you’re making forms for your business.

Save your form when you’re done. We’ll send you a verification email to make sure you own that email address. Keep an eye out for an email from Amazon Web Services, and click the verification link to confirm that it’s you.


If you don’t get an email, select Send verification email again.


When your email’s been verified, you can start sending responders confirmation emails when they submit a response to the form and reminder emails about their saved responses.

You'll also be able to set up notifications for whenever you receive responses to this form.

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