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Change the email address used to notify people about responses

By default the email address and sender name (or “email identity”) for automated response and workflow emails sent from OpenForms is “noreply@openforms.com” and “OpenForms.”

You can customize this identity on a per-form basis to match your organization details.

To do this, 

  1. Open a form and go to Settings > Response Settings.
  2. Under the Email Identity heading, you’ll see your form’s current sender address and name.
  3. Enter the email address you'd like to use in the Send mail from field.
    • If your organization has previously verified an address for an email identity used by another form, you can select it from the predictive dropdown list that will appear as you type
      To use one of these verified addresses, simply select it.
    • If you’d like to use a new email address, you’ll have to prove you have access to that email address by responding to a verification email we’ll send you.
  4. Don’t forget to enter a Sender name.
    sender name.png
    This is unique to each form, so even if you’re using a previously verified address, you need to enter a name or we’ll default to “OpenForms”. 
  5. Save your response settings.  

Verify an address

If the email address you’ve entered for your email identity needs to be verified, we’ll send you a verification link when you save your response settings. 

Go to your email inbox and follow the steps outlined in our email to verify that address.
The number of verification steps may vary depending on how your organization has configured its email domain. For more information on domain-wide authentication, see preventing OpenForms emails being filtered by your spam and spoof protection. While your email address is being verified, we’ll continue to use “noreply@openforms.com” and “OpenForms” as your email identity.  Once you've verified the address for your email identity, your form will start using the email identity you’ve assigned. Other OpenForms users will also be able to select that address for their forms’ notifications.

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