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Use autofill to help respondents answer forms

Use Autofill to save respondent time by automatically populating commonly used fields like names and addresses. 


Setup autofill

  1. Create or edit a form. 
  2. Add a text, dropdown, date, or email address field.
  3. Hover over the field and select the gear icon.
  4. Open the Basic tab.
  5. Use the browser autofill field name dropdown to select which information to autofill. 
    UPDATE - given name.png

Information that can be autofilled

Autofill draws from information commonly stored in respondents' web browsers for populating online forms. The information you can choose from in OpenForms is:

name address-line1 postal-code tel-local 
given-name address-line2 transaction-currency tel-local-prefix
additional-name address-line3
transaction-amount tel-local-suffix
family-name address-line4 language tel-extension
honorific-prefix address-level1 bday email
nickname address-level2 sex  
organization-title address-level3 url  
username address-level4 tel  
organization country tel-country-code  
street-address country-name tel-area-code  


Text and dropdown fields can be configured to populate with any of this data (though dropdown fields are typically used with honorific-prefix).

Date can use bday data.

Email address can use email data.

Disable autofill for particular fields

If you don't configure forms to use particular autofill data, respondents' web browsers may attempt to autofill your forms based on field names and descriptions. 

Setting up autofill options overrides this and ensures autofill draws from the right information. 

To stop respondents' web browsers from autofilling a field at all:

  1. Hover over the field you would like to disable autofill for and select the gear icon.

  2. Open the Advanced tab.
  3. Select turn off for this field from the dropdown menu. 


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