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Use Integrations to enhance OpenForms

Integrations connect OpenForms to external applications and services.

Use these to do more with OpenForms by adding features like payment gateways and analytics to your forms, or managing the flow of data between your forms and external systems like databases. 

There are two ways to add integrations to OpenForms:

The connectors library

To use ready-made integrations (or ‘connectors’), browse the connectors library in the Integrations area. This library contains a variety of free and paid connectors created by developers like Google, Microsoft and more. 


Select a connector to view its features and installation process. 

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Select Add when you’re ready to connect it to OpenForms. This will open a guided installation process. 

Once you’ve added a connector, you can view and update its configuration at any time by selecting it from the connectors library and selecting any previously configured instance.


To delete a configured connector, select an instance like you would to edit it, and choose Delete

Some connectors support multiple configurations. For example, you might have multiple instances of a single payment gateway for taking payments in different currencies.

Build your own integrations 

Select data connections or the Web API in the Integrations area to build your own connectors. 

Data Connections

Data Connections are build-your-own integrations to send and receive data as respondents interact with forms. Use these to pre-populate form fields, lodge response data and more as respondents answer questions, move through sections, and hit submit. 

Web API 

The OpenForms Web API lets you manage your data by creating two-way integrations between OpenForms and other data management systems. Use this to access and archive responses, update data, generate reports, and more. 

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