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Preventing OpenForms emails being filtered by your spam and spoof protection

Your organization most likely has some form of email security in place to prevent messages coming in that are either SPAM or potential malware.  In addition, your organization may prevent sending of unauthorized emails from your domain name(s), including Spoof protection.


OpenForms attempts to send emails in a reliable and timely manner, however there are some measures you can self-assess to ensure you have reliable email delivery.


  1. Ensure you have verified all email addresses associated with your forms.
  2. Check your Junk Mail settings. Your email software or service will have features for managing SPAM or unsolicited email senders.
  3. Validate your organization's email security by following our best practice recommendations below. You may need to consult your IT department or service provider for assistance.


Whitelist messages from OpenForms email network addresses:

The below network addresses are allocated to OpenForms for the sole purpose of delivering messages for our OpenForms platform. No other email traffic will come from the addresses listed.



Update your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record:

Add the following entries to your SPF record:

  • ip4:
  • ip4:

Example:  v=spf1 ip4: include:_spf.example.com ~all


Add DKIM domain authentication:

Submit a support request or send us an email with your domain name details. We will provide the DNS records that will need to be updated by your domain name administrator.

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