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Let external reviewers access file uploads

When creating templates for

Form authors can attach file uploads to some emails, and use answer piping to include links to respondents' uploaded files in the email body. 

For security reasons, email recipients must login to OpenForms when accessing these linked files.

The account owner can allow form authors and admins to override this for individual forms, letting people that aren't OpenForms users access file links. This can be useful for facilitating external reviews, for example. 

External access should be used sparingly to protect your respondents' data.

Set access permissions for your organization

This is an account owner task.

To let form authors and admins allow external access to file links, 

  1. Go to Account > Security.
  2. Under Response files, select Allow access.  
  3. Select Save changes.

To the right of this setting, you will see how many forms currently allow external access to linked respondent uploads. 

Select See all to view a complete list of forms that allow access.

form list.png

Deselecting allow access will shut down external access to all file upload links across your organization's forms.

Accessing uploaded files

This is a form author or admin task. 

To allow external recipients of notification and reminder emails to access file links,

  1. Go to your form > Settings > Permissions.
  2. Select Viewing responses for the form.
  3. Select Allow anyone with the link to access files (no login required).


This option will only be available if the account owner has allowed admins to override this setting on individual forms.

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