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Reject unwanted form responses

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If you only want to accept form responses that meet certain criteria, you can set up rules to reject responses that don't fit. This is a form of Smart Logic, and works in the same way as Smart Logic for fields.
Instead of rejecting unwanted answers, you can stop respondents from submitting invalid forms. Stopping respondents prevents them from wasting their time on wrong forms and lets you point them in the right direction.

Set up submission logic

  1. Open a form from Forms and go to Settings Submission logic.
  2. Select Enable this feature.
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose whether you want to Allow or Prevent submissions.
  4. Select Add scenario to build a rule that defines when you want the submissions to be allowed or prevented.

Build a rule for allowing or preventing responses

The submission logic rule builder lets you choose the form answers that will determine whether the submission is allowed or prevented.

Build your rule using the drop-down menus. Choose a section, a field, and a response to the field, then press Add.


In this example, a rule has been set up to only allow form submissions if the answer to the prompt 'Postal Address' ends with 'Richmond'.

If you've used a list to fill the options for a field, you won't be able to build a rule that refers to a specific option. You have to set the options manually.

You can add as many rules as you want to the same scenario. The rules will layer, so the submission will only be allowed or prevented if all the requirements for the rules have been met.

Save your changes to add the scenario to the submission logic. You can add as many scenarios as you want.

Customize the prevented submission error message

OpenForms has a default error message that it shows to responders whose submissions are prevented. To customize this message, scroll down to Prevented submission error popup.

Use the text boxes to create your own popup. You can use HTML in any of these fields.

Remember to save the whole form when you're finished. Now that you're done, you should only receive the responses you want.

You can also use Smart Logic to build rules for when to show or hide form fields. Check out Change the display settings for fields for more information.

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