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View and change your billing and organization details

Only account owners can see and change billing and organization details.

Account owners can change the billing details for your organization at any time.

We use a direct debit system to process most plan payments. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, update your billing details to choose to pay manually or by direct debit.

Change your billing details

  1. From your Account menu go to Account.

  2. In the Payments panel, select Update billing details.

    update billing deatils.png

Choose how to pay

If you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can choose to pay your subscription by direct debit or manually (choose Receive an invoice for each billing cycle).

how you pay.png

Update your billing details

If your organization is paying by Direct debit, you'll need to attach a credit or debit card to your account. If you don’t have a card attached yet, add one by filling in the card number, card holder’s name, expiry date, and CVV.

card details.png

If you’re updating a current card, select Replace.


Regardless of which payment method you choose, you'll need to enter the billing details for your organization including your Billing address and your organization's Primary billing contact.

billing address.png

The primary billing contact does not have to be a user of OpenForms. We'll email them invoices and receipts, and contact them in case of any issues.

Add an additional billing contact

In addition to your primary billing contact, and all account owners - who will also receive invoices and receipts - you can also choose one additional OpenForms user that is not an account owner to be sent all invoice and receipt emails.

(This might be a member of your finance team, for example).

Just type their username in the
Additional billing contact field andselect them when they appear. 

For more help with billing and payments, including how to make a manual paymentgo to View plan payments.

Change your organization details

  1. In your Account menu go to Account.

  2. Select the Organization panel.

  3. Make whatever changes you need in the organization name, timezone, phone and account owner fields. (if you need more information about changing account owners, see our Manage users help topic.)

  4. Save changes when you’re finished.

Check out how to Change your plan or add-ons for more ways to update your account.

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