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Choose button and label text

Make your form clearer or cater to different languages by changing what its buttons and labels say.


If you’re an admin user you can also change the default button and label text across all your forms.

Change the button and label text on a form

Open a form from Forms and go to Settings. Choose Buttons, text & messages to change the text for these elements.

The Buttons, text & messages page has different sections that deal with text changes in different areas of your form:

  • Buttons - Changes the buttons that move people through your form.

  • Save progress popup - Changes the text in the window that pops up when someone saves their form progress.

  • File upload field, Signature field, Payment field, Repeatable group field - Changes the text in these fields if you have them in your form.

  • Other text content - Includes content such as your chosen currency symbol, and various labels and headings.

Enter whatever changes you want to make, and remember to save your form when you’re done.

Now your buttons are looking great, what do you want to design next? Have you changed the theme of your form? How about the layout? We're here to help you make your form your own.

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