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Known issue - Document Generation affecting US region only

Affected region: United States

Date range: Ongoing from 27 August 2022


Response PDF files and custom documents are intermittently not generating. This can occur:

  • When attached to emails sent from OpenForms to staff or respondents
  • When included in bulk exports or downloaded individually by Reporters and Reviewers
  • When requested via the API for file downloads

We’ve seen the highest number of occurrences of the problem starting from 27th August. Prior to this date, the issue was very rarely seen.

Our investigation has led us to work with the team at Microsoft as the problem relates to infrastructure in Azure. The problem is not due to any development or deployment work run by Granicus or the OpenForms team.

We will continue to update this article as more information from the investigation becomes available.


Reporters can attempt to re-generate the Response PDF file or Custom Documents from the Responses page by downloading them. As this issue can occur when files are downloaded, try re-downloading the file again a few minutes later.

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