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Add a header and footer to response PDFs

OpenForms can generate PDF copies of responses that you can attach to confirmation emails or download from the Report screen. If you add headers and footers to response PDFs, it can help give context to everything. Useful things to include are:

  • Your organization name in the header

  • Your contact phone number and email address in the footer

  • Information about the PDF, e.g. whether it’s an invoice or a submission confirmation.


You can add headers and footers to PDFs for a particular form if you open it from Forms. Go to Settings > Responses > Add header and footer to response PDF, and enter the text you want to use.

How many lines/characters can I add?

You can add as many lines and characters as you want, but headers and footers look best when they’re one line of text. We suggest you stay under 80 characters for each.

Remember to save your form when you’re finished.

By the way, if you like headers and footers, how about adding them to printed versions of your form as well?

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